-I don't know the ring size, how can I find it?

-Click here to find your ring size.

-Do you have certificates of your products?
-Yes, all of our products are certified according to international standards and delivered to you along with your product.

-Are your products guaranteed?
-All products on our website are for 2 years which covers measurement, maintenance, repair etc. for free.

-How is the product delivered?
-Your orders are delivered to you via our insured cargo. Our customers who are able to come to our store are able to receive their products in store.

-Can I get the product delivered during the day?
-If you have a product you want to buy during the day, contact us by phone. We might be able to help you out!

-Do you get a shipping fee?
-Shipping fees are paid by our company for a good user experience.

-How can I track my orders?
-When you order online you get information emails automatically - otherwise you can always get information via phone or email.

-I want to return the product, what should I do?
-You can return your product within 14 days. Consumers can not use the right of return if the product has been customized (size adjustment etc). For more information, please visit our return/refund page.

-I want to change my product, what should I do?
-You can replace your product without a 5% loss in 7 to 30 days, 15% loss after 30 days

- I have a product I bought from another company. Would you buy this product?
- Yes, if we like it:) You will need to bring your product to our store and our experts will need to examine it and determine the value.

- I have a product I bought from another company and lost my certificate. Could you certify this product?
- Yes. In order to certify your product, it is necessary to carry out product maintenance. Then your diamond is examined by our specialist and the quality is determined. As a result of this, we charge you for the maintenance and certification, please ask for the fees!